Why to customize shirts

The right 6 you miss in off-the-rack shirts

Droopy Shoulders:

Is the shoulder width simply too big to fit? We have the cure to make the shoulder seam fit correctly without hanging over your arm.

Collar Choke:

Are you settling for collars that hang too loose or fit too tight? We tailor the shirt to fit the width of your neck just right.

Grandfather Sleeves

Have you been sharing business cards with your hand swimming in fabric? We ensure that your sleeves are the right length and fit your wrist curve.

Of Peep Holes & Parachutes:

Is the chest so tight that the buttons pull apart? Or too loose under the armpits to make you feel like a parachute? Our fitted shirt will feel snug or slightly relaxed depending on your comfort.

Shirt Dress:

Want a shirt that's long enough to be tucked in but not so long that when left un-tucked you look like you're wearing a dress? We tailor your shirts so you can pick the length of your choice!

Muffin Fit:

Excess fabric on most shirts causes them to billow at the sides and back, what we call the Muffin Fit. All you need is our fitted custom made shirts tailored to the contours of your body to avoid it

Why ChennaiTrends.com to do it?

The perfect cut, done by expert hands

The in-depth individual measurements provided by you  are perfectly hand cut and stitched by our expert tailors.  The 22 measurements we obtin from you reassures that we exactly replicate the exact fit for you, every time.

Superior Quality

We use high-grade quality yarns to make your shirt. Our designers search the fashion runways around the globe and work with premier European mills to source fabrics that are not only in trend but also of high calibre.

A majority of our collection consists of Egyptian Giza Cotton, the world standard for high quality clothing. The fact that Egyptian Giza Cotton accounts for less than 10% of world cotton production is a testament to the quality and exclusivity of our fabrics. As a result, our shirts are softer, smoother and drape like luxury.

Attention to every smallest detail possible

So it looks the same as it is, as looks from afar.

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